“Look deep into nature, and you will understand everything better.”

Albert Einstein.

the artist and her work

Your Botanical Tales.


I create Intuitive Art; impactful artwork using nature, colour psychology, and the ancient Japanese art form of Kintsugi to inspire an emotional and physiological response, and also to reflect life’s challenges to allow people to feel acknowledged, supported and recognise their achievement in moving forward through adversity.

I create artwork that is able to have a conversation with your subconscious mind. You will have the ability to understand the message without the need for any conscious reasoning. Artwork that is always available and always ready to give you a simple but powerful message without any effort required on your behalf.

There are so many beautiful languages on our planet. Some speak to us without a single word. Colour speaks to us in this way, aswell as geometry, structure and other elements that nature embodies.

As we move through the highlights and shadows of life, we accumulate significant events with a noteable impact that can be difficult to verbalise. I have created beautiful photographs to help you mark such events, to visually remind you of who you are, the road you have travelled.

A single photograph can make us feel many things subconsciously as shapes and colours in particular speak to us on a psychological level, often triggering an emotional response…. calm, nostalgia, joy, pride.

I search for the finer details and stories, photographing botanical stories in a meaningful way that marvels at specific attributes, highlights the message and creates the opportunity for you to engage with an impactful piece of wall art that reflects your own life stories, or help to recognise the rememdies in life you may searching for.

Bringing to you Fine Art photographs that are not only beautiful, but are also meaningful and functional.   What’s your story?