What is Kintsugi?

Kintsugi is an ancient Japanese art form in which broken ceramic items such as plates and vases are repaired using a lacquer mixed with powdered gold, transforming the break into a beautiful feature, and the item into a new work of art.

When working through creating my portfolio I came to the realisation that  all of the stories were on the positive side, of course life is not always like that at all, and so many among us have conquered and risen above hardships that make us who we are. Hardships and dark days are a feature of our existence, they build us to be stronger, help us to gain perspective and gratitude. I noticed the need to shed light on the darker days we experience… but in a positive way.

Kintsugi shares the message that breaks or faults shouldn’t be hidden away but should be celebrated as a feature, as an important part of the items history, making it truly unique, more refined, valuable and beautiful.

I have loved the Kintsugi concept since I heard about it many years ago and decided to bring it into my photographs as the philosophy of Kintsugi is the essence of resilience, and the perfect way to illustrate the positivity in stories that are initially shed in a negative light.

Not denying our negative experiences in life but being proud of the challenges we have overcome, holding the positives and remnants of the challenge as a gift that ultimately make us who we are. Who we are determines our character. Our character and stories builds our strength. Our strength and stories help us and others to heal.