What is Intuitive Art?

Intuitive Art has been defined as artwork that has been created by the artist looking within and following their intuition throughout the creative process.

Created freely from the heart with less consideration to the brain, formal techniques or others desires. The artist allows the artwork to lead the way and to unfold naturally along the way as it is created.

This is true but also in the case of my intuitive art photographs featured in The Humble Hunter portfolio, it is about the artwork being able to speak to you and have a conversation with your subconscious mind.

It’s about the artwork speaking to you intuitively.

When you look at my photographs you will have the ability to understand the message without the need for conscious reasoning. Always available and always ready to give you a simple but powerful message without any effort required on your behalf.

The photograph Retreat for example has been created using a universal, visual language to guide you into a path of calmness, encouraging you to slow down and find a more peaceful mindset, not only through the two leaves in the photograph but also through the softly flowing curves.

The dip in and out of focus keeps your eye searching while allowing the colour of green to subconsciously make your mind feel balanced, healthy, refreshed and tranquil.

The photograph as a whole, holds your attention gently promoting a safe space for you to return to the stillness of your mind.

Try it now. The photograph Retreat is just below, take a minute, have it as big as you are able to have it displayed on your screen and dive in, let your eyes travel through as long as you need and take note of what you feel from the experience.

Your logical brain instinctively searches for sharp lines and in focus areas of the photograph, your creative mind ebbs and flows through the highlights and the shadows, naturally being drawn to the brightest part.

Your curiosity wants to pull back the right half of the equally balanced composition and see what is behind. All the while, the colour green is silently working on you, and you don’t even have to think about it.

I find it fascinating and incredible! This photograph was created with all of the above concepts in mind and is now Intuitive Art in the sense of being able to have a psychological and physiological impact on you intuitively.

Reverting back to the intuitive creation process the photograph, Tumble, My Love is a good example. Whilst I love to think I created this photograph, I have to admit and this may sounds strange, but it evolved on it’s own with my help.

I had a beautiful stem of pink and white hydrangea in front of me, attached my macro lens and my 12mm and my chosen extensions tubes to my Nikon. And began a hand held exploration to find the Hydrangeas story.

Moving around looking through my viewfinder, hovering and exploring, diving deep and getting close this composition caught my eye a few times, I kept coming back to it even though I looked in other places.

This is where the story was, but what is the story?

After taking a few test shots, my intuition told me I felt safe to play and have fun. I could see this is where we were going.

I shoot purely in natural light so to control light as I wish I use black and white cards to block and bounce to be sure the lighting supports and contributes effectively to the story.

Finding the perfect angle was also important to ensure the plane of focus covered the exact sections of the photo to be in sharp focus.

From there following my intuition and listening to the story I was finding I was able to catch the lines and create the photograph you see below.

So many elements unfold during the process, a few hours passed and around 77 test photos were taken along the way, learning and listening, feeling my way through before I take the last and final perfect photo that you see below.

Composed of the perfect assembly of essential ingredients of highlights, shadows, focal points, various shades of colour and the circular composition.

This photograph was intuitively created and serves the purpose to make you feel unconditional love, calmness, understanding, nurturing, simplicity, protection, sense of space, innocence and independence.

This photograph has been created from scratch to intuitively provide you with the story: We fly, we fall, riding the waves. Tumble fearlessly into adventure, it is worth the ride. Tumble my love, I am here. Your sanctuary, your shelter. Your safety.

Preserving a nourishing stronghold of unconditional intensive care. Retreat. Recharge. Tumble.
Flourish as I breathe new life, gain new strength as I make you whole, revive in a dose of love so you can flourish, fly and tumble once again.

The purpose of my artwork is to beautify your living and/or work space and steal a moment or two from those who walk past your walls, but also to produce thought and feeling.

My photographs are designed to intuitively serve a purpose. To restore your calmness, to give you the warmth you need, to reinforce your positivity, to set you on a good path, to remind you of all the challenges you have overcome.

Some of my photographs are designed to resonate with you on a deeper level, to remind you of how far you have come, to help you see that in order to love yourself, you need to love the experiences that made you who you are.

Each photograph is designed to feel like home. Every photograph has a story. Immerse yourself in my photographs, let them inspire, affirm, heal.

Providing artwork that is not only beautiful but also functional.

Thank you so much for being here,

Karen x
A.K.A The Humble Hunter

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